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Sunday, September 30, 2001

Well, the family weekend is now over. I had a really great time last night. Played a pool tournament with Kieth and the future dad in law Donald. I was really worried cause last time we did this in the early summer I played horribly. (i'm really not a very good pool player at all). This time we played cutthroat again and I actually won the first two games. I think it was the beer, it was like I could do nothing wrong. I won two more games before they teamed up on me, and it ended me with five games, donald with four, and kieth with five. We had a tie breaker and I lost but I was still very happy with my performance (not to brag but they knew they had to team up on me cause at one points I was five gams up to there 2 and 1 games resepectively). Had alot of fun an finally the busy part of the weekend is over. On thursday night I slept for five hours, cleaned all day thursday, went over to Donalds and Kieth and I played pool til one in the a.m. Then I had to to get up and help B. move, than work 11:30 to 8:30, than we played pool again.
Okay, enough of that, after all it was the Bills.
I am very sad to report that on friday and saturday all I ate was Mcdonalds, and all on the run so that sucks. I did have a fish sandwich from the place accross the street from work. It wasn't very good but I was starved.
Also, I am writing this from the guest room. I moved all the plants (more on that later) and finally after a year have the guest room into good shape (Yea!). Of course we'll be moving to the new place in three weeks but oh well, at least I did it.
Parents are in Niagra falls for til Thursday (I think they are not going to the Canadian side, I don't understand that, they have the nicer side). More later.
9/30/2001 01:16:00 PM
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