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Monday, October 22, 2001

amanda peterson

For the record, today, October 22, 2001, sucked. I mean it could have been worse, but it did suck. So anyway, I watched some of the VH1 deal on over the weekend. What the heck was Richard Gere thinking? I mean, my gosh, lets take our career out and shoot it. I guess stardom can just go to your head sometimes. I know when I have an opinion at say work, or somewhere, and I know no one agrees with me, I kind of keep my mouth shut. Like the other week, I was at the Elks with the my parents (who by the way, you can see on the side of this page) and someone mentioned that John Wayne was in WWII, and a bunch of them started talking about how John Wayne was a great actor and a true american (which he was), but I know for a fact (thank you A&E Biography) that he was not in WWII, but was I going to say that? Heck no. Wow, I can ramble about nothing.
For lunch; crummy vegtable soup and crackers.
For breakfeast? I had a Roller Dog from CR's. (I call them roller dogs cause they sit on that machine at the convenince store and just roll and roll and roll....).
10/22/2001 04:18:00 PM
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