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Thursday, October 11, 2001

amanda peterson

I watched The Amazing Race and for the second week it has done nothing but piss me off. My favorite couple, Paul and Amy are off now. I really think they could have won but Amy got sick and threw up alot and they got lost. I'm happy for Paul, I don't think he ever wanted to do it, and seemed genuinely relieved when they found out they were in last place. The bummer about reality shows is that its way too much like reality.
In the 'feel bad' department, I read the story about blogger, and how The Guy Who Created It
got it all going. Now I feel bad for calling blogger bad names at times, I mean this poor bastard had some rough times. Well, my cats bite the hand that feeds and I still love them so I guess its cool.
The only other intersting thing that happend to me today is a coworker gave me like ten sweet potatoes from a huge bag of them that she brought back from North Carolina. I know, after reading that, everyone is going to want to be me.

10/11/2001 12:42:00 AM
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