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Sunday, October 07, 2001

amanda peterson

Okay, a lazy fun Sunday, knock on wood. Can you believe it, I actually just knocked on the wooden desk. I was going to go up NORTH but I called the parents (If you look to the left you can see pictures of them!) and they are both sick as dogs, so I'm going to spend the day watching the Pittsburgh Steelers hopefully win a game. Oooh, breaking news:
President George Bush is on tv now saying that we are hitting the terrorist training camps. I'd say more on that, but it'd be just as easy for you to find a news site.
Stayed up pretty late last night and watched a movie called 'Ravenous'. It was about cannibilism (sp?). It was so sickingly good that I couldn't tear myself away from it. Also taped Billy Joel's A&E concert, haven't watched it yet though.
Right now I am in the guest bedroom again with Mr. Black (the cat). He doesn't know it now as he sleeps peacefully on the bed with a ray of sunshine on him, but he's getting a bath tonight. If he could read my mind he would kill me for sure. I hate to do it but he has too many hair knots near his butt.
If you want a description of the batard virus that hit me you can find it HERE. It could have been worse, it didn't wipe out any files but it sure was a pain.
Last night it got so freaking cold it wasn' funny. Why I left the bedoom window open is beyond me. I sure regretted it this a.m. Well, I'm going to check out the internet news. More on Lazy Sunday (knock on wood), later.

10/07/2001 10:09:00 AM
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