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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

amanda peterson

On some days just nothing interesting happens, and I think today was one of those days. I did go into the city (well its not like New York City but its the biggest town around here so we call it a city), to pay the electric bill. Normally I like to do it over the phone but since the big move is this weekend it had to taken care of completly. I've never been to that section of town (hopefully I never have to again). The store where I could pay the bill actually had bars over the windows. According to the sign it opened at 9am but I was standing there at 9:15am and still no sign of life in the store. Now at this point (no suprise here) I had to use the bathroom really really bad. I saw a McDonalds a block away and went there. It had to be one of the dirtiest McDonalds' I ever saw, the bathroom stunk. Whats weird is after I was finished with the restroom I bought a medium Coke cause you know, I was worried someone saw me use the bathroom without a purchase. Why can't I just go into a bathroom and use it without making a purchase? I mean I am sure people do it all the time. I could say I am just being a good citizen but if the bank drive thru accidentally gave me a hundred dollar bill with my normal withdraw I sure as heck wouldn't report it. Hmmm.
10/23/2001 09:16:00 PM
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