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Sunday, October 21, 2001


So the big discussion we had today was, (don't ask me why suffice it to say we have a whole lot of time on our hands) was our first computers. The first one I ever tried was The Radio Shack TRS-80 in math class in I think sixth grade. The reall crappy thing about that was there were four computers in the math room, and the other three were Comodore Vic 20's which had color. Now if you were good at math and scored high on quizzez duirng the week (higher than the other three people who were assigned to computers that day) you got do use the comodore. Of course I always got screwed with the Radio Shack. I'd be sitting there doign the number ten "print blah blah blah" number 20 goto 10 and all that crap in black and white while the smart kids got to do it in color. Which I believe is the reason I gave up computers for so many years and am not making a million dollars. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to Mr. Verbash the math teacher, I'm guessing he was run down by a car driven by someone not very good at math.
Well anyway, the consensus was it would have better if we had never had computers in class when they sucked so bad (if you notice the TRS-80 had a whopping 7k of ram or something) cause it so totally turned us against them. I mean, you could by a magazine at the time which had programs in it, but you had to type it into DOS and after two and a half hours if you didn't miss type anything a little bill would bounce around your screen for about five seconds (the picture on these programs, in the magazine, would have you believe that was a starship flying around the universe). Of course after five seconds it would crash your computer. I think there was a way to do math, but I don't remember what it was.
In good news The Steelers beat Tampa Bay. Maybe now that we are on top of our division for the second week they might stop talking about Baltimore or Tennessee winning the superbowl. I mean, between the two of the I think they won three games or something. I see Tennessee beat Detroit (oooh) and Baltimore was beaten by Cleveland.
I'm part of the NBC WGAL Pro Football Challenve and last week I came in second place (for the week not the season). Habib came in 326th. This week I think I did just as bad as he did. So far, with nine games played, I am 5-4. Those teams who I picked to win and screwed me with their incompetence deserve a mention. Thank you Jacksonville (Jagaurs my ass, more like kitty cats), thank you New Orleans, thank you Baltimore (it was tough picking them, but you know, stick with the devil you know), and thank you Indianapolis (I thought Drew Bledsoe had internal injuries and Zolak was playing, I come to find out Zolak isn't even playing football anymore).

10/21/2001 02:25:00 PM
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