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Monday, October 08, 2001

amanda peterson

Today was a long day, so you'll have to bare with me here, or bear with me, or whatever the right bare is. Woke up like an hour earlier than I wanted too. I should have taken some sominex last night. Jumped in the car to head up North. Why do you ask? Because I'm an adult and needed to borrow money from the parents. Nothing says success like borrowing money from your parents. There's nothing like being independent. On the way up I listend for a little bit to Rush Limbaugh and thought his voice sounded different. At first I thought it might have been a guest, but I found out when I got to work that he is losing his hearing. I don't agree with him alot, but he's very good to listen too, and it hits me as a complete bummer.
The parents bought me the new Stephen King book. He wrote it with Peter Straub, like the Talisman, I never read that one but I imagine it sucked and I hope this one doesn't suck too. I had a steak sandwhich while I was there (how my mom managed to make a steak sandwich for me and Arland in like five minutes is beyond me). They also gave me a bunch of stuff from when they went to Disneyland two weeks ago.
Left around one p.m. thinking I could get to work by three pm with no problem. Of course there was a problem and I was ten minutes late. The Springsteens didn't seem to notice or care (but I think they write this stuff down somewhere and will spring it all on me when I ask for more money or something.) I yelled at two of my coworkers, normally I don't do that but they were working so freaking slow it wasn't funny. Things slowed down and work got alot easier but my gosh I'm beat. Had soup for dinner and that kind of sucked.
I just realized something, I haven't been into the Getty to see Habib since the Sept. 11th thing. I really ought to go tomorrow, hopefully he doesn't think I'm avoiding him cause he's from one of those countries over there. (Actually he's from Jersey, but you know.)
It got so freaking cold last night that I tested the furnace this a.m., so far so good, knock on wood. I have to stop saying that. I think I am going to take a sominex soon and go to bed. Hopefully I'll have a cool dream or something. I don't have to work til three tomorrow which is cool. I think I say "cool" too much. I think I'm just rambling. I think I am going to listen to some music from Gnutella. I think I am going to eat some rice before I go to bed. I would love to know what that saying; "I think, therefore I am.", means. It makes no sense to me at all. Oh, yea, I think I kicked butt on the Pro Football Challenge.

10/08/2001 11:22:00 PM
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