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Saturday, October 06, 2001

amanda peterson

Watching MASH in the guest room right now. Well, we call it the guest room but actually its just the bedroom that we don't use. Only two people have ever spent the night in the this room, and the first person who did was so drunk she probably doesn't remember. It used to be the bedroom but the sun shines directly in here in the winter mornings so it became the 'guest' room.
So, this is what really burns my bum. All week I've been complaining that I had to get up early for work, and finally friday night comes and what do I do? Go to bed early cause I'm exhausted from work and wake up at 6am. Now I drank two cups of coffee and I can't get to sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to nap around ten or 11. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go up North.
Well, to summarise the week. Got hit by a worm on tuesday or wednesday (well actually it came two thursdays ago but I didn't realize what it was until Tuesday) and that pretty much zonked all my blogger time. For 2 years I've used Mcaffe but it was just too confusing so I bought Norton Antivirus 2001 and it got rid of my virus and it seems really easy to use. The computer I'm using now doesn't have it but this one is rarely used. The one downstairs is a Compaq with alot of memory and more speed. This one is a Gateway that is a little slower but theres more privacy up here.
My game plan today (tentatively, I haven't seen the tv guide schedule yet) is to sit around, nap, and drink adult beverages tonight. Hopefully a good movies is on sometimes. I think a new SNL is on tonight too. More later on Lazy Saturday. Knock on wood.

10/06/2001 05:59:00 AM
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