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Friday, October 26, 2001

Well, finally, the day seems to be over. Had to take Mr. Black to the vets. He has a possible urinary tract infection. Well actually I’m sure he does. Now he is isolated in the guest room with a litter box full of foam duckies (those foam packing things). You see what I have to do is wait for him to pee (this gets better) and than, with a plastic syringe, suck up the pee and put it into a urine specimen bottle. Than tomorrow morning I take it to the vet so they can look at it. Than for the next seven days I get to try to make him take antibiotics (pry open mouth and try to toss a pill down his throat). Went to Hoss’s though, they didn’t make my steak the way I usually like it but it was okay. I do something there that everyone I mention it to says its weird, but I really like it. I take the Sweet Bacon Dressing and put it on a piece of their garlic bread.
Hmm, in other news, I can’t seem to get to MSN when I am at work and using netscape, but I do like the way the new set up is. I can add my own links to my home page now. I know its slow even when using IE, but at home when I am using the new browser it works great.
I got gas today at the Getty (wife of Habib was there and I bought I pork bbq, I think she makes them herself. The interesting thing is gas was only $1.09 a gallon! My little Hyundai took like only ten dollars to fill up.
A friend of mine at work mentioned that Rush Limbaugh, since the hearing loss sounds like the guy from Drudge Report. I don’t really listen to either one, but it is a bummer that he is losing his hearing. My guess is it was a virus that did it.

10/26/2001 06:28:00 PM
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