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Thursday, October 04, 2001

Yes, after two years a darn virus. I got infected last thursday (the 11th) through my beloved MSN Messenger.
(Et tu, MSN messenger?). The good news is that it is gone now. I kept on getting corrupt file errors when I would start my computer and after a few days I wrote it down and showed it to our IT guy at work and he told me it sounds like a virus. I told him I used Mcaffee and it didn't detect it (no suprize there, I haven't updated it since April) and recomended that I go with Norton. I did that, and it found it immediatly and nuked the little bastard. Well, I have the info on the buggerly little fricker. They call it a "worm", its precise name is W32.choke.c.worm. The alias it struck me as was, W32.Annoying.Worm. My first virus. Damn, it totally put all my internet use to a crawl. I had to spend all of Tuesday night first buying Norton 2001, installing it, and seeing how it worked, than nuking my worm. Okay, much more fun updates tomorrow, am tired now. Have weekend off, Yea!
10/04/2001 06:37:00 PM
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