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Monday, November 12, 2001


And as I predicted last night, we accomplished nothing on our list (I was a minute late for work). Right now we're watching Monday Night Football. For those who don't know (and thats everyone) yesterday we accuratly picked 13 of 14 game winners (don't ask me how) in the WGAL Pro Football Challenge. I think if Tennessee wins tonight we might have won a t-shirt. Oh, who am I kidding, if we could do it someone else could do it better I am sure.
I remember once I heard that the internet is the best place for breaking news, and I must have misheard that. Cause when that plane went down today in NY, we turned on the TV at work. The first bits of news were sketchy, so I went on the internet and first tried Fox News (I got a coffee cup in the mail from them so now they are my favorite), and their site was overwhelmed. Than MSNBC, same thing. CNN, same thing. USA TODAY, same thing. Finally I tried lowly CBS News Online, and I almost got to it, than my dorky netscape at work froze up. I say lowly CBS News cause of all the online news sites theirs is kind of stinky cause alot of their news they put in audio or video format which is a real bummer at work cause you can't be you know, working away, and stop to watch tv on the internet. The Springsteens don't like that at all. I do like that R.E.M. song "Whats The Frequency Kenneth" song though. I think its going to turn out to be a non- terrorist thing.

11/12/2001 07:09:00 PM
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