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Sunday, November 11, 2001


Finally got to sleep last night around four a.m. and slept clear through til noon. Things of note I did today:
1) Vacuumed (sp?) upstairs and down. (Can you believe that? Both floors.)
2) Changed litter boxes.
For a day off, today was a banner day. Whenever I actually accomplish something during the day I like to make a list for the next (sometimes making the list actually makes you feel like you've accomplished more than actually doing the list I think). So my list:
1)Update the FAQ, we actually got two more emails (whoo hoo!) One is actually kind of funny.
2)Get to work on time. (For some people that might be a given, for me it has to be on a list.)
3)Make sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. (I like to do this in the a.m. before I go for some reason).
Did I mention that The Pittsburgh Steelers won today? Hee, hee.
So, tomorrow is Veterans Day. From what I understand there will be no mail and the banks will be closed. How come the only people that seem to have off on Holidays are bank employees and postal workers? You know who never has off? McDonalds Employees. I worked there once years ago and it seemed like that place never closed. Thats how will know the apocalypse is upon us, when you can't order a Big Mac. Speaking of McDonalds, I wish they would bring back the McDLT. You know, the burger that came in the seperated foam? I know some say Big and Tasty is like the McDLT, but its not the same.
Speaking of which, got up to late for breakfest but for lunch I had two cheeseburgers and my all time favorite. Tator Tots.
11/11/2001 06:56:00 PM
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