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Saturday, November 10, 2001


I cannot believe I am up right now. My gosh is 2:09am. I was exhausted when I got home, than I ate, than I watched the news, and next thing I know here I am.
I just played the Hit The Code game that The Twix Company has with everyone of their Twix bars. Inside each wrapper is a code and you go onto their site, put the code in and see if you won a million dollars. I've played like twenty times in the last month and still no million dollars.
What I should do to get to sleep is pull out my employers benefits packages that I have to choose from. I mean, wasn't there a day you just got an insurance card issued to you? Now I have to pick one of three plans which all has advantages and disadvantages and you have to pick the one thats best for you. But here's the problem, I don't know what illness I might get in the next year. How are you supposed to know that? I mean if you are a healthy person and stay that way then one option is good, but if you go to the doctors alot another option is good, or if you have a chronic disease another option is good. I'll just have to guess which type of illnesses I get next year (if any) and hopefully I will have picked the best plan for it.
On a good note, I had a steak and a baked potato for dinner tonight.

11/10/2001 11:22:00 PM
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