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Thursday, November 29, 2001

amanda peterson

I have been soooooooo busy. Well, last night wasn't work busy, was adult beverage busy. Okay, so the most interesting thing that happened to me in the last three days was my big 'Bus' plan. With the winters up here being really sucky sometimes and the fact that I seem to have to work every time a snowflake hits the ground I came up with a cool plan. A corworker of mine's car broke down and now he is stuck taking the bus now and again. I asked him, well, what happens in the bad weather? And he said he would be the only one at work cause the buses run ALL the time. And I thought, WO!, cool idea. So we got to talking about it. So today on AIM he was explaing how it works (the bus schedule) and I think (I think) it will work. Unfortunatly, the damn bus schedule is so freaking confusing its not funny. I'm going to study it a little more, you can see what I mean at this totally confusing routes and destination chart. I think it only costs like a dollar to ride. I've never been a bus person, but if it means not wrecking the Hyundai than I am all for it.
Finally got the second computer set up upstairs and unfortunatly I still haven't found the password to the Amand Peterson FAQ so I have been unable to update it. I really think I should just do a new one and just plug the new link in. I think Angelfire is going to zonk it cause I haven't gone into their webshell thingy. This time I think I will right down the password. Also, I can't do the request for a password cause I don't remember the member sign on name or the email address I used. I sometimes wonder how I manage to even dress myself in the morning I'm so stupid.
Oh yea, going North for the weekend tomorrow.
11/29/2001 06:34:00 PM
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