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Friday, November 23, 2001

amanda peterson

I swear to God this is the last time I will mention BARBAMITTENS ever again in this blog. (BARBAMITTENS is my idea of special non-latex but latex like gloves to wear while you eat barbacue ribs or chicken so you don't get your hands and fingers dirty). So we took our idea and wrote to Eric at Hoss's Steak And Seahouse to see what he thought. Here is his reply:

Thank you for your interest in Hoss's, we are glad to here you enjoy our establishment so much! I personally think your idea is a great one and wish you luck in marketing it and success as well. Unfortunatly I cannot address such issues, although you if you call
1-800-XXX-XXXX someone there might be able to point you in the right direction. Good Luck!
P.S. No, now that you told me your idea I will not steal it.

I guess I could have given the 800 number out but it just didn't seem right to do it. I'd call the 800 number but I'm pretty sure thats just a customer service center. Of course if anything really cool happens I'll post it, but I think the BARBAMITTENS chapter has closed (for now at least).
Work stunk today, I ate leftover ham from yesterday (my sister got all the good leftovers even though I brought my own Gladware), which kind of pisses me off. Okay and finally----WEEKLY WORLD NEWS HEADLINES (we have a few left over from yesterday).

1. There Are Aliens Among Us! (My guess-Dick Clark.)
2. Bat Boy Joins The Marines! (Not the air force?)
3. U.S. To Invade Cuba! (Richard Nixon would be proud, go Whittier!)
4. Aliens Help Us Fight Terrorists! (This kind of blows my Dick Clark theory, but oh well.)

11/23/2001 10:27:00 PM
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