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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

amanda peterson

So anyway, my mom and dad are coming down on Friday (I actually have Friday off) and I wonder, at what time in your life do you parents stop paying when you go out to eat? I mean, I'm certainly not going to start paying anytime soon, but is there a cut off time? The first thing you would think is when you make alot more money than they do, but what if you don't or ever do? Is there some type of etiquette (sp?) there? Well anyway, my new cable company is Comcast and they completely suck. I don't get near the channels I used to and I pay more.
The new landlord has painters painting the front and back porches, they've been there for a week and a half, and outside of scraping the paint, they really don't do much else. Except for listen to Howard Stern in the morning. They are very nice though and are pretty good at giving me directions (I don't know where anything is in the new town).

11/07/2001 02:23:00 PM
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