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Saturday, November 10, 2001


So I am stuck here again at work all day, for some reason, the aforementioned Important People were here this a.m. and early afternoon (they just left) and thats kind of troubling. Whenever the Important People are here that means something must be wrong. Hmmm.
Anyway, went to Hoss's yesterday but was to tired to really enjoy it. That was yesterdays big event.
Todays big event is working til 8:30pm (I have Sunday off) and later today I am going to try out the AOL instant messenger here, hopefully it won't crash the system a million times today. If you remember the last time I tried it, I was on it if for eight hours and not a single person I know logged on. I mean, I finally get the guts to try it at work, and no one shows up.
Another thing that is getting to me is here at work they use the Netscape Browser and I am unable to get into the msn homepage or my own msn home page. I'd link the msn homepage here but whats the sense. I normally side with Microsoft on most issues but this is a real bummer.
Also, its really warm at work here today and its making me sleepy.
Maybe later I will do another "Where I Was When", I did it a couple weeks ago and it was kind of fun.
11/10/2001 01:02:00 PM
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