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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

amanda peterson

So I made barbecued chicken last night (I will only mention BARBAMITTENS this was one time, read below for more info) and set off the smoke detectors in the house. The weird thing is, I never saw any smoke, none at all.
Right now watching Any Given Sunday for the fiftieth time. After that I'll watch Nixon and try to enjoy the rest of the day.
Here's an interesting bit of news Skakel To Be Tried In Adult Court. I guess he's another one of the Kennedys. What I'm about to say probably isn't popular, but what is the big deal with them? Sure, JFK was a good president (and a darn good movie by Oliver Stone too), and Bobby put the Mafia in their place (for awhile at least), but thats about it. I just don't see why they are constantly in the news. I mean a Kennedy takes a dump and then its like the press wants to take a picture in the toilet before they flush. From just my memory I can think of one rape, slapping around a female security gaurd, a drowning (I still can't believe that). I sometimes do wonder what the world would be like had Kennedy not been killed and had gotten a second term. But than you ask yourself, had not that happened, would there been a Great Society like plan from Kennedy? I mean it practically bankrupt us but was worth it, could Kennedy have done that? I think Lyndon Baines Johnson got it done cause he carried the JFK banner, kind of like, this is what JFK would have wanted. Hmm. I mean take out Vietnam (not to trivialize it) but you've got one heck of alot of accomplishments from LBJ. Of course he so totally dorked up Vietnam I can never see him as a great president. My gosh enough serious blabbing.
I just had some macoroni and cheese (Easy Mac), and it was good.

11/20/2001 11:13:00 AM
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