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Thursday, November 08, 2001


So I'm at work (being daring too, cause all the important people are here. Of course they go at five and I'm here til 8:30pm. I'm on a break so I am technically on my own time, but I'm sure if they got technical they can say, well you using our stuff. I better stop talking about them.
I did notice 3 YEARS AGO, that down in the break room near the coffee machine is a sign that says, "Coffee 50 Cents A Cup, Lets Change A Loosing Situation." And that wasn't one of my many typos, the sign actually says "Loosing", I first noticed it in 99, and have seen it five times a week (god forbid I not spend an idordinate sp? amount of time down there)for almost four years and it hasn't changed. Now, I know you are saying, well, how come you didn't say anything about it? Well, because, I don't know.
More later, when Important People leave.
11/08/2001 12:36:00 PM
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