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Sunday, November 25, 2001


Touche! I guess thats French for "you got me" or something like that. I've been told that my entry on Loverboy guitarist Scott Smith was wrong, cause he is actually the bassist (sp?). Well, technically, I was right though cause the bass guitar, is a guitar. I'm not even sure if I am spelling "guitar" right. Anyway, I was also told that the singer (Mike Reno) actually first auditioned to be the drummer. Going back to the bassist, they still haven't found him. (I'm sure they won't now). Unlike Loverboy I will not be working for the weekend next week though, I have to work all day Sunday.
Some more celebrity news, in our local paper I saw an article (and I can't find a single link for this on the internet) Leif Garrett has filed for bankruptcy. According to the filing he has only 350 dollars and is over 70,000 thousand dollars in debt and his only income is a
1000 dollars a month he recieves from his mom. Since here at AP we consider ourselves true journalists, I left a message on his's homepage B.B. and asked if anyone know about this. If anyone responds I'll of course report it back. And for the last time (or until someone leaves me some more):

1)Hero Turkey Saves Six! (Guess what happened to the turkey.)
2)Catch A Ghost In A Jar! (According to the article you use sardines as bait.)
3)House Wife Buys Flying Carpet At Yard Sale (price: ten dollars)
4)Wave Of David Hasselhoff Babies Baffles Docs (114 newborns reportedly, look just like him)

11/25/2001 11:18:00 AM
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