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Monday, November 19, 2001


We found a back up picture host just in case our current one ever gives out on us (woo hoo!) and I've still yet to find the password and username that I used for the FAQ page (I mean, my gosh, where the heck did I put it?). If we have time I'll look more tomorrow night but I have to do a few more portraits (drawing horns and tails can get tireing sp?).
Found out that I was probably one of the last people to install Blogback. Which is cool I guess. My guess is that it got so popular, and after the hiatus of Reblogger (i won't link it, why look at something you can't have) too many people signed up and overwhelmed them.
Went to Walmart cause I was really, really, bored and since the move I really don't know the area. It was a half an hour away but the drive was okay. I actually heard a good song on the radio (they'll play one once every ten years you know). When I got there I realized that there was nothing I really needed but I felt kind of weird walking around the store and than leaving without buying anything (I swear sometimes I feel that roving camera on me no matter what store I go to) even though I never stole a thing in my life (okay maybe once a long time ago). So I bought a can of coffee.

11/19/2001 08:17:00 PM
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