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Thursday, November 15, 2001


Well, the first person I would like to thank is Habib for figuring out this Blogback thing. Last night I just about figured out Reblogger and we came accross this info on Reblogger. Which is a shame cause the stuff worked great. I think I'll check back in December when they say it will be running again. Well, we'll see how this works (its always cool to add something new), but for once I would love to be the first person to use something. Until then I'll just see the cool ideas and use them too.
Here's a cool idea PYRADS. Reason its a good idea? I thought of something like that a month ago, but my idea was something like paying for "Blogs of Note". Of course like all my cool ideas I didn't do anything with the thought (not that I would know how to anyway). I am still holding out hope for my idea of special non-latex but latex like gloves for when you are eating barbecue chicken or ribs (you can just take the off and throw them away when you are done, you'll never get your fingers dirty). I call them BARBAMITTENS. Get it?

11/15/2001 06:56:00 PM
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