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Sunday, November 18, 2001


Well, here at AP we have to anticipate the very real possiblity that our picture host may very well stop working some day. So with the help of Phil Ringnalda's super cool blogger faq and The Oregon State Univ. FTP Tutorial we are going to attempt (gasp) to FTP out site. Of course this will take a couple weeks cause we here at AP are both slow and lazy, but we do try.
I watched a super awesome Pittsburgh Steelers game today, and then I ate steak and a baked potato and actually had a chance to mention (I know i've got to stop mentioning this) BARBAMITTENS to my sister (if you scroll down a little you could read about my invention) and she agrees that its a great idea. Of course she could be saying that just because she's my sister and she wants to humor me, so I'll try the idea out on some of my co-workers when I go back to work on Wednesday
11/18/2001 09:33:00 PM
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