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Saturday, November 10, 2001

amanda peterson

WHERE I WAS WHEN; (I thought this would be fun, although its really going to date me)

1)Ronald Reagan was shot: I was a wee bit of a kid, watching Hatchy Malatchy in the morning. It was a school day but I stayed home sick.
2) Pope John Paul was shot: Still a little booger, and once again watching Hatchy Malatchy, home sick from school. (Hatchy Malatchy was a childrens show that had comics and puppets and stuff, it doesn't exist anymore).
3) Anwar Sadat was shot: My memory is foggy, but I'm farily certain I was home sick.
4) Challenger Explosion: Noticing a trend? Home sick from school, not watching Hatchy Malatchy though, I think I was watching Hawaii Five-O.
5) Oklahoma City Bombing:Plano Texas, our family was visiting my Uncle Mark, but I stayed back at the hotel cause I was sick.
6) The first twin towers bombing, I was off that day, and I'm not sure if I was sick.
7) Branch Dividian Mess; Called in sick from work cause my roomate who was on vacation needed money Western Unioned to him.
8) OJ Simpson Verdict called in sick just to watch it.
11/10/2001 02:53:00 PM
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