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Tuesday, December 18, 2001


A few interesting things have happened since my last post. On Friday morning I attempted to call in sick. Attempted. When I called the Springsteens they told me no, that would leave us way to short. That, coupled with my guilt made me go in (I did manage to wrangle my way into coming in an hour late though). Now that the shift is over I am glad I went in though, and I guess it kind of makes me look like a good trooper, in the sense that I worked when I was ill. Of course after I got home I felt just fine.
You know, I think, Lou Rawl's "You'll Never Find" is probably the greatest song I ever heard. I mean, do you think sometimes when a musician is writing a song, that maybe God tosses some extra talent their way?
This is interesting; on The Cnet Rumor Mill Site they have an article on this ex-dot commer (as in ex, I mean, someone who is jobless and thought they would be running the world by now). I remember back during the dot com bubble thinking (with intense jealousy) that I had the guts to drop my day job and join the fray (didn't do it, too scared to lose a steady paycheck and benefits). And I thought at the time, well, you know, maybe these people have guts. Now of course, I think, why would normally intelligent people do this? . As I sit here and think I had the wisdom not to join the rush to make a million dollars, CNET pegs these dot commers as such: "A vivid portrait of the kind of talentless, unmotivated slob that not so long ago passed for a skilled member of the New Economy work force." My take on it is this; if you survive the dot com bust (and by survive I mean still doing it now) than you're a survivor, cause gosh darn it, it can't be easy. These are the people that still have a dream, the people who are still doing it now, against pretty good odds. I admire those people, and I think this dot com bust, is just the market weaning out the weaklings.

12/18/2001 09:03:00 PM
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