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Thursday, December 27, 2001


Here at work and just wanted to jot this down while I still have the thought (they come and go pretty quickly). If I were one of the recently updated blogs between 7:49am and 7:52am yesterday I'd start selling my site to people who want to sell stuff online. I think I've read the Lucy blog about four times now.
Figured out the FTP yesterday (woo hoo!). How long have I've been saying I'll eventually figure it out? The new person here at works burps alot and its really annoying.
Back to the FTP. The first thing I am going to do is FTP all the artwork (images) and host them from the FTP. Than I'm going to FTP the archives. I think I can do the pictures tonight or Friday, and than do the archives on Sunday. I have to give a special thanks to The Oregon State FTP Tutorial Site for helping me figure it out. (I'm not at Oregon State but gosh darn it, its the best tutorial I found).
12/27/2001 09:35:00 AM
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