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Sunday, December 02, 2001

amanda peterson

So last night we're all sitting around the table, looking at photo albums and I finally found out where I get my weirdness from. Exhibit A: My Grandfather In 1957, Halloween. I did find a picture I took in the early eighties when I was a wee little kid that I thought was really cool (by cool I mean any picture I took without a thumb in it). I call it 1981. Its part of our backyard and whenever I look at it I can almost feel my feet getting cold and wet. I know I took the picture cause on the back of it I actually wrote "I took this picture, 1981."
Well, tried to start a new FAQ page (since I never found the password for the old one to change it) but Angelfire is down so that has to wait.
12/02/2001 06:12:00 PM
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