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Friday, December 28, 2001

amanda peterson

Success! Finally, we figured out FTP (or at least hosting our pictures on our own FTP site). Of course, these means nothing to anyone reading this but myself, but what it does for us is eliminates our worry of wether our picture host will cut off our images because we are using them for just that. Right now there are only a couple hosted on our own FTP, hopefully in the next few days we can get them all there.
I probably could have gotten alot more done had it not been for the fact that our cable company has now given us The Game Show Channel. I'm like a crack addict with it. I just can't enough. My favorites our Lets Make A Deal and the Match Game. The only problem is I am terrible at guessing the prices. In Lets Make A Deal they have several contests where the contestants have to guess the prices of certain products (and I like to guess right along with them). Well, this game show was filmed in the early seventies so tonight when they had to guess on a one gallon can of motor oil (oil in a can, when was the last time you saw that?) I guessed $5.99. Of course the 'actual retail price' was $1.05! And I also loved how they gave out a brand new car (lime green) at a value of $2,999!

12/28/2001 09:17:00 PM
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