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Friday, December 21, 2001


We couldn't help blogger with the bandwidth (I'll explain this in a minute) so we took out one of those pyrads instead and this time we actually spelled everything in the ad correctly!!!! Okay, bandwidth. I asked my friend Marco at work what it is and this is his explanation. As you can see he thankfully dumbed it down for me.
"Think of a football stadium. You have highschool football fields that have like 300 seats, college fields that have 20,000 seats, and Pro Stadiums like Heinz field that can hold 70,000 people. Now imagine an internet site is a stadium, bandwidth would be the amount of seats that stadium can hold. If you have a high school stadium you can ony fit a few hundred, but if you have a pro stadium, you can fit alot of visitors because you have more bandwidth."
12/21/2001 08:59:00 AM
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