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Tuesday, December 04, 2001


Well I lost that link I was going to post, sorry. I should probably come accross it eventually. I thought today I could post a little more while at work but one of my coworkers who happens to be pregnant was ill and went home early which means more work for me. Plus, the Springsteens are wandering all around today and somehow I don't think they'd be to happy if all I did was blog all day.
I noticed last night almost by accident that Windrunner was on Disney last night so I made a point of watching as much of it as I could (the first thirty minutes-I taped the rest). So tonight I'll finish watching it although it really didn't seem like my type of movie. From what I understand it involves a kid moving to Utah and I guess finding himself, and a girl, who just happens to be the name of our blog. I stopped watching after the kid was yelling at an Indian because a horse was in his pool. I think the one actress was Margot Kidder.
Oh, and this is interesting. If you put Amanda Peterson into Google you'll get us.
Since most of the time all anyone reads here is the banality that is my day, I thought I'd blab about something different. As I was going to sleep last night (and this might be a result of the Nyquil I took to get to sleep) I was thinking about, of all things, Nixon. I just watched the movie a week ago, if you remember. Well anyway I thoght to myself, what if he had won the 1960 election? Boring stuff I know, but what the hey, I'm pretty boring myself. So here goes (and this is all uneducated opinion of course):

1)Vietnam-I'm pretty sure we still would have been there, but I doubt we would have been bogged down for years. From what I understand, he would have no trouble offending political sensitivities and bombing the north constantly (most of the time Johnson wouldn't even bomb north of the border). I think he would have leveled Hanoi, so my guess, over by 66 or 67.
2)Civil Rights-I really think this would have suffered, had Kennedy not died, Johnson would not have had the muscle to push through all his civil rights policies, I'd like to to think he would have fought Wallace on the desegregation, but I don't really know. Probably would have cut some type of back room deal. I definatly think we would have been worse off here.
3)Cuban Missile Crisis-I don't think there would have been one. Kruschev must have known Nixon would be quick to strike. I think Nixon would probably had invaded or bombed almost immediatly. The consuences of that depend on wether Kruschev would be willing to risk war for the sake of Cuba. Kruschev in turn might have bombed the missile bases in Turkey.
4)Here's an interesting thought, had the Vietnam war been decided and over in 1966, would that have cut off the hippie movement? I mean, with nothing to rebel against (and we have to admit, the war was the main thing, and the draft), what would there be to get up into arms about? And how would that have effected us? Hmmm.

12/04/2001 08:56:00 AM
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