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Saturday, December 15, 2001

amanda peterson

Well, if anything can be said about this AP site, it should be said that we are helpfull. And how are we helpfull? Well, how about this tip: How do you handle the crucial problem of getting Heinz Ketchup out of the bottle? Heinz discourges insertion of knives or silverware into the bottle. Pounding on the bottom of the bottle actually helps perpetuate the "vacuum seal". The best method according to Heinz is to tilt the ketchup bottle at an angle (not straight down) and jab the bottle where the 57's are molded into the glass. If you tap the "57's" properly, you will break the seal and the ketchup, thick as it is, will pour quickly. The "57's" are located right where the ketchup forms a natural seal (they are imprinted into the glass at the neck of the bottle). I tried this tonight, and it actually worked.
Some disapointing news, I promised our pictures would be FTP'd tomorrow (or at least I would try) but unfortunatly I have to work now, so it will have to wait until my next day off, Tuesday. Of course, this doesn't really matter to anyone but me, but its a bummer all the same. Tomorow I hope to post a bunch. Which will of course end up being me writing about how crappy it is to work on a Sunday, but what the heck, it pays the bills.
12/15/2001 09:23:00 PM
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