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Saturday, December 08, 2001

Well, it certainly has been a long two days. I think I am going to start printing my work schedule once a week when I blog because I am SURE that all my loyal readers (I think there are two!) will know. Also, so I won't forget. So here it is; Monday 9-6, Tuesay 9-6, Wednesday 9-6, Thursday Off, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday Off.
Okay, back to the last two days. Thursday I worked 3 to 11 and it was really slow at work but the pregnant girl didn't call in but I think we won't be seeing much more of her. She's about seven months now and I'm starting to notice that she is looking more and more tired every day. My prediction, no more pregnant coworker in a week. Friday's 12-9 shift was just about unbearable but I struggled through, nothing of note that day either (well, it was payday so that was good). I have this thing set up with the bank now so I can go on line and see when my paycheck gets there and see how much it is. Even though I know the amount, and know it will be there, somehow every other friday morning I get a thrill out of checking it out. I can also see checks as they clear my account too, which is super cool. One thing I don't like is now I can really see the ATM charges when I use a machine that doesn't belong to my bank. My gosh you don't realize the money they are sucking out of you until you see it in the form of a bar graph.
Today I had to call the police because a bunch of cars were parked in the private parking in the back of the house (I know its a bunch of college kids who seem to go to class two hours a day and party the rest). Normally it doesn't bother me but there wasn't a single spot open for me and I had to park a block down the street and it was raining. The police officer was really nice though (and they came pretty quick too) and cleared them out. Now hopefully my tires won't get slashed. Just to be safe I kept the car parked a block down the street for tonight.
Okay, so I am having a deep thought now (and I think I mentioned this eons ago but in case I didn't here it is.). I was thinking one night when I was going through a box of my grandfathers stuff that it would be so cool to find a diary of his. Just to see what his everyday life was like, not just the stuff I hear from relatives and family history. I mean, just what is was like to go through the average or non average day. For some reason I thought that would be the coolest thing in the world. So than I thought, well my grandchildren will have something like that, this blog (I print it out every fifteen days to have a hard copy of it for the sake of history). And than I had a not so good thought. My grandchildren some day will find this (if I have grandchildren) and say; "Jeez, all grand dad did was bitch about the weather and work."
Oh yea, and to those of you who find your way here through Google, please click on the FAQ link to the left, its new and not the one Google directs you too. I so need to find the password for that site, that way I can direct traffic to the new one.

12/08/2001 09:53:00 PM
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