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Thursday, December 13, 2001

amanda peterson

Wow, looking back at the last week of my ramblings it looks like I'm on an every other day post schedule. Thats really not how it was planned though, its just turned out that way. Last night I had way to many adul beverages and spent today not feeling hung over but not feeling right either. After a nap and some tylenol I started feeling kind of normal again though. Right now I'm upstairs on the second computer. I'm trying to turn this room into "my room". I've got a tv and a vcr up here and I'd love to get bookshelves too, but they are way to expensive. I'm starting to think that with some wood I can make a bookshelf myself. I'm no carpenter thats for sure, but really, all I have to do is nail them up to the wall (put a long section of wood with two sections on either end that I can nail to the wall and wala!). The best thing about this room is the windows, when the snow eventually comes I'll have a pretty great view out of the one.
I have to work 9 to 6 tomorrow and I think I may be training again. I like the idea that they want me to train someone (kind of makes you feel needed more than usual) but my big worry is (since this is my first time) that my trainee when left on his own will totally screw up and everyone will say, 'You know, if he had better training he would have been great.'
In AP Site news, I think I am comfortable enough with the FTP tutorial that I took that on this Sunday I am going to try moving the images to the FTP site. I'm going to try it out on a geocities site I have just for experimentation first, but I think it might actually work. I am so looking forward to this! Everytime I try something new and it actually works I feel like I should throw a party or something. I really can't say enough good things about the free tutorials that you find on the net. I mean my gosh, what can't you teach yourself? You know, the internet might have a ton of bad things on it, a million sites that some would say are deviant, but really, when you boil it down, you've got the greatest tool for bettering yourself.
Oh yeah, I made chili for the first time tonight, and it was great!

12/13/2001 09:16:00 PM
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