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Thursday, December 27, 2001


Wow! What a last couple of days! Went up up North for Christmas. Normally we have one big meal on Christmas eve and than spend christmas day just sitting around; napping, and blabbing. A twist this time. We had Christmas eve dinenr at My mom and dad's at 7pm and than on Christmas day we went to Lisa's (step sister) to eat another big meal at noon. Than at 7pm on Christmas day hit the interstate and headed back home. All in all I had a good time. I've always been suspect of the step sister's family, but I certainly felt welcome there this holiday. Maybe I am too much of a skeptic and need to reevaluate things. Hmmm. I did see parts of The Matrix on this awesome surround sound system they have, the sound and picture was great. I wasn't impressed by anything else I saw though. That was probably because I'm really not into martial arts movies (and there was alot of that), but I only saw a little bit of it, may thirty minutes so I really can't make I final judgement.
At work on Christmas Eve I had it out with one of the Springsteens, not a yelling screaming match, but a bit of tiff. Worried about it alot because in hindsight (which is always your best sight) I kind of think I was wrong. I didn't experience any fall out because of it but I should probably say something to her about it tomorrow. Why is it that your biggest problems start over the simplest little things?
Once again (this happens every five weeks) I get an entire weekend off! So, you know what this means, just like The Eighties Super Group LOVERBOY I am working for the weekend! I did find out thought, what happened to Loverboy bassist Scott Smith. I at first thought it was a Natalie Wood type thing, but from what I read, he was swept off the boat by a huge wave (that actually snapped off the steering column of the boat). My gosh. Its hard to listen to their songs now and not think about it.

12/27/2001 07:19:00 PM
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