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Saturday, January 19, 2002


I am extremely disapointed in myself. The Great Cat-Kidnap did not come to 'fruition'. I didn't make it to my sisters because of the storm (six and a half inches of snow so far). And thats what irks me the most. "Boots" had to make it through the storm on his own (and outside). I had to make a judgement call around three pm today. Do I stop at my sisters in the inclement weather, or do I just go straight home? Well, my Hyundai (and its super large payments) is the only car I have, and if something happend to that I would be totally screwed. So, at three pm I made the decision to just go straight from work to home (or at least try too). I made arrangements to go to my sisters tomorow afternoon (I get off at 2pm) and visit with her. Of course, my real reason is to grab the cat. I don't think it will be hard, after the snow and ice storm of today I'm sure "Boots" will be near the door. For those just stumbling on this post read the last one to understand what I am talking about. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but definatly I think a good one. What normally takes me 30 minutes, took me an hour and a half. The roads were packed snow, and at times I thought I should head back to work and have one of the work vehicles take me home, but I made it, and I am just now starting to feel 'unfrazzled'. So tomorrow I will attempt (the heck with that, I will) grab "Boots" and bring him here.
On to tomorrows activities. I work at six a.m. which means (because of the weather) I am going to have to get up super early (around 3:30am) and check out the roads or at least attempt to make it in. If I can't, than they'll send someone out to get me, which means I won't be able to grab "Boots", so hopefully, the roads are okay. (I don't think the person who handles driving employees to work during inclement weather would care much to be a party to my crime). So, thoroughly disapointed, I sign off til tomorrow, and hopefully I will have good news to report.

1/19/2002 04:38:00 PM
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