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Friday, January 25, 2002


I didn't mention it yesterday because I was too tired to write anymore (and I feel bad because I know that there are just millions of people haning on my every word) but I went up North yesterday to see my parents. Well, actually to get my birth certificate so I can take it to the police station and get a new drivers license. Why do I need to do that? Well, I won't go into great detail because the more you know about it the more I look like an idiot, but suffice it to say that if you place your wallet on the roof of your car because you are loading your car up with a bunch of stuff PLEASE remember that you put your wallet there and do not drive off and suddenly remember what you did seven and a half hours later. By that time, your wallet could be anywhere in a thirty mile stretch and if its dark and raining you will never find it.
So anyway I call the parents and say "I'm going to stop up for a few minutes and pick up my birth certificate, but I can't stay long." And they say, "Sure, we'll be here all night." At which point I say; "Cool, I wish I could stay longer, but I'm only going to have the time to pick up the birth certifcate and leave." And they say again; "Sure, okay." Well (and I am getting to the point here soon), I show up there around three thirty pm and I even leave the car running because I am not going to stay long (like I had mentioned). When I come in the door there are the usual hugs and hellos and I notice that the dinner table is set for three people, and I say "Who's coming by for dinner?" and they say "Well, since you're here, you might at well eat with us." Well, what am I supposed to say? No? My gosh no, they've helped me out so much I can't do that so I go outside, shut the car off (and I'm cursing when I am out there because there are a million things I need to do at home). Anywhoo (and here's the point really) we had spaghetti, garlic bread, and a salad. So I start eating (salad last, thats my routine) and I notice the cucumbers in the salad taste really sweet, and don't think about it much until we're having coffee and talking and suddenly I start sneezing and my throat starts feeling really itchy.
Well, you have to understand this. I am alergic to fresh fruit. I take Centrum to make up for the lack of vitamin C (I can have it after its been canned or cooked, but fresh fruit gives me one hell of an allergic reaction and its been like this since I was born). My mom put apple slices into the salad (I thought it was cucumber slices). So, I excuse myself and go into the bathroom where thank God they have Benadryl (sp?). And after spending twenty minutes in the bathroom sneezing and wheezing the stuff finally works and I go back into the dining room. I don't mention the apple thing because I am thinking, how could my mom have forgotten? And I don't want to tell her or else she'll feel horrible. And it hit me today (not last night cause it just miffed me so), that A) My parents are getting old because they didn't remember their sons allergies and B) Ergo, I am getting old because they are and C) Who the hell puts fruit into a regular salad?
1/25/2002 05:13:00 PM
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