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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

I downloaded NetZero as a back up to my regular ISP. The other night I couldn't sign on any higher than 45333 and it was totally frustrating. I love my ISP, I mean, the email and FTP and stuff is great but my gosh some days the speed just isn't there. I figure if that happens again when I want to download I'll turn to Netzero, who gives you ten free hours a month. I'm sure there is a ton of spyware but oh well. I read they (Netzero) merged with Juno
a couple months ago. I used the free Juno as a back up than, but I read somewhere about the Juno Supercomputer and dumped them. Hmmm, I wonder if thats happening with Netzero now?
Well for the next few days (probably til friday night) I may not post much at all. My work schedule is conflicting with a bunch of other junk I have to do. I may get a chance to post a little bit at work, sometimes I try not to do that though because my posts end up reading like; 'gosh, work stinks' and 'I wish i could go home'. I know, what the heck, its my blog, but I don't want my grandchildren to read this fifty years from now and say 'Grandaddy was really lazy, wasn't he?' My ISP is doing some type of upgrade to their system so if you email me, use the yahoo address to the left side of this.

1/01/2002 07:47:00 PM
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