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Tuesday, January 08, 2002

It looks like blogger’s publishing is not working so everyone is treated to a grammar perfect entry tonight! Well actually that might not be true. I noticed the other night when I did this in word I did have a spelling error. Is there a way to publish the time even when the publishing is down? I don’t know but for the record it is 1/7 8:57pm here on the east cost. Now, just like in Murder She Wrote, if someone were to come up from behind me and knock me upside the head with a gold fireplace poker, Mrs. Fletcher would know the exact time of my death. And somehow, she would be able to talk the murderer (or murderess) into a confession. This is weird, I was thinking about it today while I was watching Murder She Wrote. (Oh yea, I called in sick again today but I am feeling better now and that’s a gosh darn good thing because I don’t dare call in again.) There are a bunch of shows I love know but hated when they were on. This is going to date me but here it goes.
1) Magnum P.I.-This show is hilarious! I remember when it was on not liking Tom Selleck for whatever reason so I never watched it. But my gosh, its funny and interesting as heck. Also, some of the episodes are actually pretty deep and thought provoking. Like the Vietnam ones.
2) Family Feud- I hate to paraphase The Cheney Daily, but if game show hosting was an art, Richard Dawson is picasso. I remember not liking this show (I only remember its last year or so), because it just frustrated me that people would never elect to ‘pass’ and that’s the way to win!
3) Miami Vice-I just wasn’t into Don Johnson then. (I liked the music though). Now, if you watch some episodes, it too, is pretty deep. Like the one where the mom sold her child for drugs, and especially the one where Crockett accidentally shot the little boy.
4) Family Ties-I hated the opening song (‘What would we do baby, without love…?”), the song still irritates me but the show has grown on me. I actually lost a one dollar bet three months ago because I thought Mallory’s boyfriend was Frank Stallone, and it wasn’t. I forget who it was now.
5) Murder She Wrote-I hated it when it was on because there was never enough action and no cool music, now I like it and can’t understand why. I do understand one thing. If you’re a friend of Jessica Fletcher, move away, because her friends are always getting ‘homicided’. There’s our spelling error for the night. If I can think of more I’ll post them

1/08/2002 06:15:00 PM
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