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Saturday, January 05, 2002

amanda peterson

Okay, just about everything should be back to normal here now. On Friday night while I was at work I was messing around with the site (I wasn't really going to change anything I just wanted to see how it would look with a different set up but my computer crashed while I was dorking around with it and I saved my blogger real quick before I realized that I had taken everything off the main page (even the links to the left), yeesh, I could be a ninny. I will say this, it was kind of fun putting humpty dumpty back together again.
So, on to the events of the last three days. I spent, on Wednesday, (and this is no word of lie or exageration sp?) four hours stuck in traffic. I had a big cup of coffee with me which I mistakenly drank and had to go to the bathroom so bad I begged the a fire policeman that was directing traffic to let me u-turn out of the mess, and he did, but I had to get where I was going so bad that after I was done I had to jump back in the mess. I think the whole time, the radio might have played three good songs.
1/05/2002 08:39:00 AM
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