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Thursday, January 17, 2002


Okay, this is how I know I have too much time on my hands. If you go to The Blogger Creator's Website and click on the evcam, you of course see a webcam image. But if you click on the image, you get some text that seems to be some type of random thoughts thing. If you didn't know that, well than good for you, you have things to occupy yourself with. (It is pretty interesting though and worth checking out).
I didn't go to work today, I had the day off (last night for some reason I thought I had to work), so I didn't get a chance to bring up my end of year review to the Springsteens, but I am gosh darn going to do it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have good news to report. In related news, I saw on one of the news channels (I don't remember which) that there was an Enron employee who had like a million dollars in his 401K when he retired, and now he is getting only sixty three dollars a week and is going to have to go back to work. What a total bummer. So I checked out my 401K to see what would happen to me if the company I work for went under tomorrow and found out that (no suprize here) that my 401K has like mucho years to go before it is really worth anything. I did find out though, that if my company did go under, I would get six months of unemployment at 80% of my pay. If you take out lunches and gas money, I think it would break out even. And than I started to think, man, six months off, almost full pay, wow. Hmmm. Hopefully my company never goes under....... I guess.

1/17/2002 07:20:00 PM
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