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Monday, January 21, 2002


So as I was going by the web cam on the road I take to work (link in last post) I waved because my coworker Marco said he would be here at work watching. Well when I waved to the camera, a car passed me and this lady thought I was waving to her and just gave me a weird look. When I got to work I asked Marco if he saw me waving on the web cam and he said; "Oh man, sorry, I forgot."
I'm at work now and am absolutley starved. I get off at 11pm but I think McDonalds will be closed, but I'm pretty sure the Getty Mart is open and they always have Roller Dogs (I call them rollerdogs because they're hotdogs that sit in that machine and just roll and roll and roll.....)
Quick update on Boots. He goes to the Vet's tomorrow and he did pee in the litter box so that is good. I'll have more info on him tomorrow.
It looks like Can't Buy Me Love is on tonight on TBS, I think around midnight. So if its late at night and you put 'Amanda Peterson' into a search engine and got here please see the AP site faq, and what the heck, look at a picture of my dad with a clown while you are at it. If he ever found out that picture is on the net he would shoot me I'm sure.
I think I need a site 'logo', I was thinking something like a brightly colored 'AP', something simple but original. Hmm, maybe I'll test one out tomorrow.
1/21/2002 06:20:00 PM
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