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Sunday, January 06, 2002


So up here on the second floor looking out the window, I can definatly see this humungo strom is actually going to pan out. We've got the better part of an inch and a half and according to the weather people its going to get worse. Its those big heavy flakes too. You know, one of the best things about living here in Pennsylvania is the winter IF you don't have to drive in it. Tomorrow, it looks like I won't have too. I mean it looks gosh darn beautiful out there, but in what I call a 'Polar Bear' way. Meaning, if you have to go out in it, that beautiful Polar Bear will eat you alive.
Living as close to Three Mile Island as I do, found this little diddy of information. I read it, and my gosh its thorough. Now, I'm going to go against the grain here. Its envogue right now to complain about nuclear power plants, and I am living next to the one that had the worst disaster in U.S. history. But, here's the thing. IT WASN'T A DISASTER. Yes, there was radiation released. The alarmists would say that over a thousand people came down with cancer later on in life because of it. Well, when you look at cancer rates by geography, here next to Three Mile Island, we do not (and have not) had any higher rates than anyone else. I think what we have to ask ourselves is; "Where are we going to get our power from 20 years from now?" From windmills like they have in California (I won't even link to the godzillion articles on rolling black outs and the deaths and injuries they caused); conservation? Sure, a thousand people could turn out their extra lights tonight, but there are five thousand people who are downloading MP3's off the internet to take their place. To the anti-nuclear power activists and also the 'not in my back yarders', I say, PHOOEY. I've got one in my backyard and am proud of it, and I know where I am going to get my power from 20 years from now.
And moving on to other importan issues; the Pittsburgh Steelers won their final game. I think we have a pretty good Superbowl shot, but I will say, there are a couple things that worry me (and its not the Rams). I think the real worry we have to think about is New England Patriots. And I agree with Darcy, what the heck is Drew doing on their front page? I mean, out 3-4 defense has wreaked havoc on other defenses because they are not prepared for it. Well, Tom Brady isn't prepared for any defense and he still picks them apart. Hopefully another team will elimanate them in the post season. Their certainly not affected by the cold weather (like the Raiders, please let us get the Raiders in the playoffs!).

1/06/2002 04:49:00 PM
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