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Friday, January 18, 2002


Some pretty gosh darn important things to mention here tonight at the AP site. First off, I am going to mention todays activities and how I am going to COMMIT A CRIME TOMORROW. I have to work tomorrow 9-5 and we have this humongo of a storm headed our way tomorrow late morning. I know what you are thinking; 'six inches of snow, stop whining', the bummer about this one is that it starts about two hours after I get to work and will be in full swing by the time I get off at five. Here's the kicker. I work for a company that in bad weather will pick you up if its bad out and take you home, but it will not be bad outside until AFTER I am at work, which means if they do take me home I have to have them bring me in the next morning (Sunday) at six a.m. because I work 6 am-2 pm, and I know whoever is on duty for bringing in workers on inclement weather days is going to hate me for waking he or she up at four in the a.m. to come and get me. I can try to make it home, but if my little Hyundai wrecks in the weather, me and my mucho large car payments are screwed.
Second order of business to report. The review I mentioned that I hoped would get changed did and I was upgraded a bit (which is really cool). Also they gave me a calender. Yes, a calender. I mentioned a couple days ago that I liked lighthouses, and they gave me a calender of lighthouses. (Thats not for the review, thats out of the blue, raises will come in March), which I thought odd. On the back of the calender I saw that someone had to spend $5.99 for it, so that interesting. No one else got anything. Hmmm. I was told our revenue for last year was good which mean bonuses should be good this year. I don't know how the revenue couldn't be good, I work at the telephone company, and I've never known a phone company to go bankrupt. On to the really interesting news.
Tomorrow I will be a 'Cat Kidnapper'. Yes, tomorrow I am going to commit a crime. I am going to steal someones pet. Why? Why would someone who never was in trouble with the law steal someone elses pet? Because a few weeks ago at my sisters (Christmas) I was outside and this beautiful black and white cat came up to us and starting meowing (begging for food) and I mentioned to her, "Whose cat is this? My gosh its too cold for a cat to be outside now?" (it was twenty degrees). And she said the cats name was 'Boots' and that its owners never let it inside. Well, he's spayed and declawed (they cared enough to do that) but it lives outside all the time, which just breaks your heart. So, tomorrow night, 9pm, when I am visiting and the cat comes running up to my sisters door as I leave (it always does when my sister's door opens cause she gives it food) I am going to grab 'Boots' and run to my car and take him home where he will spend the rest of his life inside, warm, well fed, and way from owners who don't care enough to let their own pet inside when the temperature is below zero. Wish me luck folks. Wish me luck.
1/18/2002 08:05:00 PM
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