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Sunday, January 20, 2002

amanda peterson

Well, it didn't turn out as I planned, but the end result is the same. Boots is now secluded in the upstairs bedroom (there was some difficulty with my other cat Mr. Black) so he is getting used to his new surroundings in temporary 'solitary'. He certainly does not seem to have any negative attitude toward being here (and he's definatly an attention junkie). He also ate an entire can of 9-Lives Tuna in Sauce. So, how did my well thought out plan work? Not at all. I pulled up in front of my sisters house and Boots was sitting there in the driveway, so I thought, the hell with the plan, and I just grabbed him and put him in the back of the car and drove off. (I did glance around to see if anyone was looking). Of course I was nervous as heck on the ride home thinking his owners must surely have seen me grab their cat and drive off, but no police sirens or flashers in the rear view mirror. There was one ugly incident though. Boots is obviously not a 'traveling' cat, as he pooped all over the back seat and meowed the entire thirty minute drive. I cleaned up the poop, but my gosh the car still is stinky. I left both windows cracked open, hopefully its gone tomorrow. One thing I didn't think about though, I'm not sure if he's litter trained, but I guess I'll find that out soon enough.
As far football today goes, of course the Pittsburgh Steelers won. Its funny to watch Elvis Grbac play, all you have to do is put a little pressure on him and he folds. Unfortunatly, we don't play Elvis next week, and I don't think Tom Brady is going to fold. The Patriots are probably going to be the toughest team we face (frankly, I don't think the Rams are very good at all), and I have deep reservations about next week. Hopefully the Steelers come with their best game, otherwise, I think we are in a lot of trouble. As far as the Packers go, they beat themselves, the Rams had little to do with it. I really don't think the Rams will beat the Eagles next week (I hate the Eagles but an all Pennsylvania SuperBowl would be great!).
This is interesting, if you click here tomorrow at around 3:30pm, you will see me in my little Hyundai on our way too work!
1/20/2002 04:58:00 PM
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