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Sunday, January 13, 2002


Well, either MSNBC was hacked or President Bush just fainted briefly from choking on a pretzel. I'd be lying if I didn't say that was one of my biggest worries, choking when no one is around. Luckly for the president it wasn't a bloacked airway type deal, I think a nerve in his neck was affected. They say that if you choke when no one is around, that you should find a pointed surface (like the edge of a table or coffee table, something not completey round) and slam the area just underneath your solar plexis against it repeatedly until the food is dislodged. This kind of mimics the hemilich maneuver (sp?) and I can kind of see how that would work. They should teach that at CPR classes. One cool thing about the whole episode though. It shows that the President of the United States was doing the exactly same thing that I was doing today; sitting in front of the TV watching the playoffs and feeding my face with whatever junkfood was at hand. My gosh I love this country!!!!!
1/13/2002 06:43:00 PM
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