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Monday, January 07, 2002


Well, I didn’t go into work today. I woke up (and I kind of thought something was amiss) at three am last night. I had that over call ‘sicky’ feeling. So I made the guilt filled call to the Springsteens. You know, that’s the worst part about calling in sick, actually ‘making the call’. Is there some type of course that all bosses must take, and if so, is it called “Making your ill employees feel guilt.”? When I’m on my death bed I want one of the Springsteens to come in and tell me, “No, you’re not quite ready to die yet.” At which time I will surely add three days to my life. So, I meandered around the house, not really doing anything except eating Doritos (real healthy there) and watching TV.
Right now Blogger is down and I am typing this on Word. Which means there might not actually be spelling errors. (I really do try to cut down on them, but remember this; had my uncle not been my Business Math teacher, I would not have graduated high school on time.)
As of this writing it looks like the The Baltimore Ravens are going to make the playoffs. My prediction, they’ll lose to Miami pretty good.
I did watch some of the Mac World Expo on CNET. Even though I am downstairs on my Compaq, I will say this. The new IMACS look pretty sharp. And here’s a good quote from Steve Jobs; “Pretty much, us and Dell are the only ones in the industry making money. They make it by being Wal Mart. We make it by innovation.” Of course myself, I make my money by sitting in a cubicle that has windows (yes, it actually has windows so people can see into it) and hoping I don’t get downsized (I do think I am pretty safe though). And I will say this, those windows are hard to clean.

1/07/2002 09:33:00 PM
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