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Wednesday, January 23, 2002


Well it looks like it has been two days since my last post but its actually only one if you go by the theory of; 'its not a new day until after you have gone to bed and woken up'. It feels like three days since my last post because so much has happened (not a whole lot important, but enough). Last night we had some friends over and played Trivial Pursuit (I lost, badly) and drank way too much which meant I when I woke up I had a juicy thumper of a headache. I know what you are thinking; "Well, you shouldn't have drank that much." And I know, I shouldn't have. And why did I? Well, because....I don't know. Maybe part of the reason was we listened to the entire (four CD) of The Doors. And gosh, you are listening to the doors, you just feel the need to have an adult beverage. You know at times, Jim Morrison had the most beautiful 'soul touching' voice but at other times (near the end of his career) he just sounded like a belligerant (sp?) drunk cursing on stage. Myself, I was anything but a belligerant drunk last night, I gave all the cats real tuna.
Which brings me to Boots! The kidnapped cat. His Vet appointment went great (cost 45 dollars) and he is very healthy. Healthier than my other cats, which are all lazy an overweight. Odd that the one cat I rescue from outside it healthier than the ones that are cared for, have regular vet appts, shots, and a monitored diet. Anywhoo, he's been taking out of solitary and is doing well with the others (well, not great, but they are getting used to him.) My Hyundai stills has a bit of the 'cat poop fragrance' though, which is a total bummer.
Here's is something super cool Trillian. Probably the best IM tool I ever saw (and its free!!!). If you are like me, you have three or four IM services on you computer. Trillian has software that you can download (a small file too) that integrates all your IM's into one interface. So now, instead of logging into three different IM services (because I have friends who some only use MSN, some only AIM, and a couple only Yahoo IM) you just sign into Trillian and they are all accessed at once and are in one IM screen. The amazing thing, it actually works!
I thought I had a bunch of funny and witty things to post, but I'm just to tired now to remember. Tomorrow, we are going to talk about the NFL playoffs. Or rather, I'm going to blab about them. I'm going to try to make predictions (not just for outcomes, but for each quarter!). Gosh, if I come out close to being right, I'm going to get a job with Miss Cleo. Oh yea, and blab about my 're-review' I recieved at work today!
1/23/2002 09:57:00 PM
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