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Thursday, January 24, 2002

amanda peterson

Well, we don't have good news to report here at the AP Site. I was out on the front porch today (day off from work) waiting for the mailman and talking to my neighbor Spencer about the upcoming Patriots-Steelers game. Spencer is as much of a Steelers fan as I am. The first thing I said to him (its been the first time I've seen him since our victory against Baltimore) was "Hey, one more game and we're in the big one!". His reply was a grunt, which took me by suprise. I asked him why he was so glum about it. Well you have to understand, Spencer loves video games. His wife constantly rags on him about being in front of the playstation all the time. Sometimes late at night when I go to bed, if I look out the window I can see his living room light on and alot of flashing colors (him playing the sega). He went on to tell me that he matched up the Patriots and the Steelers with his John Madden EA Sports Video Game. He set the game so the teams played each other three times (I guess you can set it just to watch, not to participate). One time he did it in snowy weather, once in rain, and once just cold but sunny. Each time the Patriots one by seven or more points. (He also used Tom Brady as the back up and mentioned that he didn't play well). He said in each game there was at least one big play that made the difference. This is so not good news, unless of course your name is Darcy. He is going to match up the Eagles and the Rams on Friday night and I'll mention the results of that then. I so do not want to talk about it anymore, it depresses me. On a related note, Spencer bought a dog last week (I think its called a 'Jack Russell' or 'Jack' something) and when he puts it outside it barks all the time. It pisses me off beyond belief but I didn't have the guts to mention it to him. I have tomorrow off and (knock on wood) plan on spending the day sitting around doing nothing and feeding my face. Of course now that I wrote that it will be the busiest day of my life.

1/24/2002 06:52:00 PM
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