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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Why is it when I am at work and completely bored and I use AIM not a single person I know is signed on? And than when I get home and there's a bunch of stuff I want to do and don't want to blab, everyone is always on? Since I'm complaining, why the heck doesn't Peter Gabriel come out with a new album? Why doesn't he just rejoin Genesis now that Phil is gone? I mean, come on!!!! Probably one of the greatest years in music was 1986 when Genesis had Invisible Touch out and Peter Gabriel had SO. I remember I lived by those two tapes (tapes, I listened to tapes), only now am I begrudgingly (sp?) buying CD's. Two songs off those albums that are better than anything they released off either one (and no one seems to know about) are 'Mercy Street' and 'Dominos Part I&II'. I really think in 'Dominos', Phil Collins was playing the role of a serial killer.
Anyway, to today's events. My coworker Marco said that his niece bought herself a web cam and sits in front of it once or twice a week while she is online, and last week she recieved by UPS, a digital camera, that someone bought her. You see, she has this wishlist that people can see what she wants, and anonimously (sp?) buy her stuff. My God. (the camera wasn't all that expensive, but my God!). She also has some type of 'tip jar' thing where people can donate money (why, i don't know yet), so far, she has like five dollars according to Marco. I said, well, she must be doing something pornographic and he said no, she hasn't he watches the site, she just sits there and guys give her money. (He did say she gets a ton of emails asking her to do a bunch of unmentionable stuff), but she hasn't. She just sits there. And makes money. Let me say that again in caps SHE JUST SITS THERE AND MAKES MONEY.
Moving on to how I make my money, I received my yearly review and I have to say, I was disapointed. I have a meeting with the Springsteens tomorrow to discuss it (I think they are going to upgrade it a bit). It wasn't terrible, but it certainly should have been better. From what I understand, everyone did worse than they expected and I guess there's some type of reason behind that (there's always a deep, dark reason, isn't there?). One of my coworkers went in raising cain and had hers upgraded and I guess I am gong to have to do that. Word around the campfire is that they may redo a bunch of them, hopefully they'll do it before I get in.
1/15/2002 07:34:00 PM
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