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Sunday, January 27, 2002


WOO HOO! Pennsylvania Pro Bowl!!!!!! Well, actually, that really stinks. I guess Cowher and Reid will enjoy Hawaii, I'll enjoy watching something else next Sunday. Well, actually (I'm really into the word 'well' it seems), being a football freak I'll probably watch it and root for the The New England Patriots, but not very happily. Football is a fickle thing (did I use fickle correctly?), in the Superbowl you have to root for the team that elimanated your team because you don't like the other team less than you don't like the team that is playing them. I'm at work and posting at work is a pain, more later. I should have seen this coming, next week maybe my neighbor Spencer will run New England and St. Louis in his playstation and I can get a good idea of who will win. That is if Steeler fan Spencer didn't become overcome with grief and hang himself in his garage.
1/28 12:40AM
Yea I know I could have just added onto he last post and not have put the time and date up there but I like in a one day thing if all the posts go from top to bottom earliest first, I don't know why, but what the heck, its my blog and I can do what I want I guess.
For the last hour I have been trying to pay my Sprint telephone bill online and I keep coming up with errors when I log in. Well I know I am not doing anything wrong, there must be something wrong with the Sprint servers. They should take a lesson from Kmart and realize customer service is the most important feature in any business. I wonder if AT&T is more customer friendly. Hmmm.
Okay, I probably spelled that wrong. Well anyway, while I was at work (and Sundays are the slowest days) Marco called me to see how upset I was about my Pittsburgh Steelers losing. After a couple of minutes of profane words we got to talking about what we consider "truisms", things that we know are true and will always be true. We compiled a short list of things that will never change.
1) Never go to McDonalds on a weekend night just a few minutes before they close. Reason being, weekend nights at McDonalds are staffed by all young kids (nothing wrong with that but read on) and order something complicated. You will piss the workers off, (I remember when I was younger and worked there, the younger folks were more likely to do this) and are more likely to get a 'tainted' burger. As in tainted I mean, let your imagination do the walking. Safest time to go to McDonalds; early moring on a weekday, its staffed by senior citizens that wouldn't dream of 'tainting' a sandwich. Well, most of them at least.
2) People don't change, they just tell you they did because they want something from you.
3) Netscape has a sucky browser.
4) The "Single Bullet Theory" is a load of poop.
5) The little toe is a pain in the butt when it comes to clipping toenails.
6) The last decent Jodie Foster movie was Silence Of The Lambs, everything after that has stunk.
7) No one likes the Simpsons episodes that are centered around Lisa Simpson, the ones centered around Homer are the best.
Okay, I have more, but my gosh, I have to go to bed.

1/27/2002 05:19:00 PM
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